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All About Indoorwpc Wall Panels

From Indoorwpc wall panels to ceiling squares, simple interior decoration is making home decoration come back, adding a different style and texture to house decoration. Here is how to choose and use them.

Above all, wooden wall panels have a long history. Many years ago, the planks and shingles that covered the frame of the house usually formed the inner surface, and the planks formed the partition wall. Most houses use interior wall panels similar to the flat back walls used outside, usually with interlocking “lap joints” or tongue-and-groove wood panels to prevent water and wind.

After that, with the development of science and technology and the demand for recycling of resources, wood plastic composite materials are more and more widely used. In other words, composite wall panels can use on various occasions, including houses, dining rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies, TV background walls, Hotels, restrooms, entertainment venues, meeting rooms, halls, etc.

What is a WPC wall panel?

WPC is short for wood plastic composite. It is a new material for decoration. It is a new type of composite material that has flourished at home and abroad in recent years. Material content plastic, poplar wood powder, calcium, and accessories. All the materials can mix by artful blending, extruded, and molded to produce plates or profiles. Mainly used in building materials, furniture, logistics, and packaging industries. A board that is formed by hot extrusion after mixing plastic and wood powder in a certain proportion is called an extruded wood-plastic composite board.

How long do WPC wall panels last?

WPC panels are made of plastic, poplar wood powder, calcium, and accessories. So the age of WPC wall panel decor is very long and always brings you the best quality only. These wall panel sheets will easily last 25-30 years.

Advantages of interior wall paneling

Here are many advantages of the interior wall paneling

Heat Insulation

Interior wall panels can use as the building material with the heat insulation effect, which is also a type of energy-saving decorative wall panels material. The unique heat insulation feature can create a cool room temperature for you to live.

Sound Absorption

Common sound issues can cause mostly by sound waves reflecting off walls. The acoustical panel can absorb the noise in the room with its unique physical characteristic. Therefore, you don’t worry about the noise issue if you decorate your room with sound absorption wall panel material.

Fire Proof

Interior wall panels are a reliable option to protect your life to be safe around, with its amazing fireproof structure. Interior wall panels can provide a complete solution for the fire resistance interiors. Every piece of the wall panel is designed to protect your room away from fire.   

High Strength

Interior wall panels are made of a mixture of wood powder, recycled composite plastic, chemical additives, and calcium powder. Especially, the calcium powder can improve the strength of the wall panel. So the wall panel can use on many occasions.

Water-proof & Moisture-proof

Interior wall paneling is also the perfect solution to protect the wall away from moisture harm, which is the ideal building material with moisture resistance. It is important for you to protect your house not to be humid and moldy.


The indoor wall panel is made of the environmental raw material, the house installed won’t have the chemical odor. You don’t need to paint the wall panel with oil to avoid pollution. So, you will save so much time without the painting process during the installation.

Easy installation

Indoor wall panel installation can be quick, without any complicated installation steps. You can do DIY wall panels while installing, the wall panel can cut into the size you want to decorate the wall to be perfect. You don’t need to hire a labor-saving time and money at the same time.

Modern wall panel styles

Indoor wall panel has various colors, shapes, patterns, you can choose the style matching your room. A good wall panel design can decorate your wall with the high valued aesthetics. You can assembly the wall panel following your own wall panel design ideas.

Preparatory work: important questions to ask

How much do WPC wall panels cost?

You can get the WPC wall panels at the best price, and you can get the PVC wall panels to cost per square foot. The wall panel board price is around $0.6-1.6 for each square meter.

Where to buy Indoor wall panels?

You can contact our customer service staff, they will provide you with specialized consulting services, and will help you with various questions.


As long as the wall panel has been properly installed with sufficient room for expansion. It should last the life of the house. And because of the excellent properties of the material. You only need to scrub with foamed water, no other special maintenance is required.

Types of Interior Wall Paneling

Indoorwpc Wall Panel

COOWIN® Indoorwpc wall panel artwork series products have various characteristics including rich patterns, multiple artistic styles modeling, and a strong sense of layers, etc., which can outline the most spiritual space with extremely simple lines.

Indoorwpc Ceiling

In other words, COOWIN® indoorwpc ceiling tiles series products have clear layers, bright lines. The wooden texture of the wall panel is clear and smooth, the lines are beautiful, the colors are mild. COOWIN® wall panels have various characteristics which are not processed by real wood products, including flame retardant, waterproof, mildewproof, no odor.

Indoorwpc Timber Tube

COOWIN® indoorwpc timber tube series products are rich in various forms, which have a great effect on the beautification of architectural space. They are used widely in modern space. Whether it is in dining and entertainment, or office meeting places, it meets people’s psychological need of longing for opening minds and needing privacy at the same time. It is conducive to expanding the horizon, allowing space to be effectively extended, and increasing the transparency and agility of the room space.

Indoorwpc Decorative Trim

In other words, modern people prefer to pursue a simple decoration style: the indoor wall panel trims utilize the combination of lines and wall panels to cover, modify and enhance the decorative beauty of the building structure.

Decorate the space with different styles and effects to simplify the decoration and the furnishings in the space. Because the successful decoration is derived from the details, the fine craftsmanship will create a pleasant feeling for users.

How to install wall paneling


When dealing with any type of construction project, it is necessary to wear appropriate safety equipment to avoid any risk of injuries. When handling, cutting, and installing, the following safety equipment is recommended but not limited to: gloves, respiratory protection, long sleeves, pants, and safety glasses.


Standard woodworking tools may be used. It is recommended that all blades have a carbide tip. Standard stainless steel or acceptable coated deck screws and nails are recommended.


A clean, smooth, flat, and strong surface is needed to install products correctly. Please check with local building codes before ever installing any type of cladding. If the installation does not occur immediately, WPC products need to be put on a flat surface at all times. Never ever should it be put on a surface that is NOT flat.


Plan a layout for your cladding before starting it to ensure the best possible-looking cladding for your project.


WPC products can’t be directly installed onto a flat surface. It must be installed onto a substructure. So there is adequate and unobstructed airflow under the cladding to prevent excessive water absorption. A minimum of 25 mm (1 inch) of the continuous net free area under the cladding surface is required for adequate ventilation on wall cladding. So air can circulate between adjacent members to promote drainage and drying.

Above all, different products have different installation methods. Welcome to ask our customer service staff. We can commit to providing you with the best service.


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