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Indoor WPC wall panel

About COOWIN interior decoration WPC wall panels

The materials selected for interior WPC wall panels are all environmentally friendly materials. WPC panels are not only waterproof, insect-proof, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly without formaldehyde. It also has the advantages of easy installation, almost no maintenance, and easy cleaning.

WPC wall panels are real and healthy decoration materials. People who love quality days will love such decoration materials. You can also design different interior styles. In order to achieve your unique house decoration.

New technical means

Traditional wall decoration is mainly based on wood or chemical coatings. The wood structure is easy to wear, and labor, material, and time are its major shortcomings. Although chemical coatings are relatively labor-saving, they are produced after use. The problem of indoor air pollution is even more troublesome for consumers.

COOWIN interior WPC wall panel adopts brand-new technical means and material application technology. Using simple wood fiber as the basic material, using self-developed polymer nano-technology. And produced through multiple processes such as molding, and thermal transfer. Create new environmentally friendly decorative materials through a number of unique craftsmanship. Breaking the traditional cumbersome decoration process. You only need to assemble and combine the smart modules without painting and scraping.

Therefore, COOWIN produces this new wood-plastic decorative material. While saving time for the installation project, it also saves the homeowner more worry. COOWIN is committed to creating a “healthy, colorful, and warm living space” for consumers.

Strong sense of three-dimensionality

COOWIN interior WPC wall panels have saved space and have a strong sense of three-dimensionality! This is because COOWIN interior wall panels can be installed directly on rough walls. A variety of flat or 3D relief effects can be fully realized without a foundation frame. Thus COOWIN interior wall panels can save 5-50mm in thickness. At the same time, the overall interior space is wider and more dimensional.


COOWIN interior WPC wall panel in order to create a more comprehensive happy life for customers. And it combines the whole house ceiling, integrated wall, smart home. It completes the perfect integration of decorative products and home improvement planning.

Above all, COOWIN provides a one-stop service for planning, products, installations, and after-sales. And fully combines the needs of customers to tailor the smart home environment they want. COOWIN interior decoration wall panel truly interprets the green and fashionable home for people. Creates a healthy and fashionable high-quality home environment for people with high-quality materials. Allowing people to indulge and enjoy happy days in such a home environment.

The COOWIN advantage

The production quality of COOWIN interior WPC wall panels is its strong roots. The long-term insistence on product quality has allowed it to enjoy the honor of building materials decoration brands.

COOWIN interior WPC wall panels have unparalleled products. It creates a new era of intelligent integrated wall panels. And creating more advantageous intelligent integrated wall panels.

COOWIN WPC wall panels decorations have a variety of styles to choose from. So it allows young people who like individual fashion to find their favorite styles. COOWIN WPC wall decorations devote themselves to creating high-quality home life with a professional heart.


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