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A simple guide of installation PVC wall panels

PVC multifunctional wall panels can be used in many fields. such as shower rooms, complete bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and other places. Below is a simple installation guide.

Before proceeding with the installation, please make sure you have the following tools.

Pencil: Mark the area to be cut and the area to be installed.

Fine-tooth handsaw: Cut the panel to fit its designated area.


Tape measure

Solvent-free adhesive

Expansion screw


Caulking gun

Multi-function tool

Simple guide of installation

1. First measure the wall from floor to ceiling.

2. Next, trim the inner corners, then use a tape measure to mark and transfer the measured values.

3. After that, use a multi-function tool to cut the line you are measuring.

4. Take your electric drill and 1 expansion screw, drill them into the edge of the decorative piece. Above all, the expansion screws are separated by 300 mm.

5. Measure from the floor to ceiling, then use a pencil to transfer the measurement to the panel.

6. After completing this operation, use a straight edge and mark the width of a straight line at the position where the panel is to be cut.

7. After that, use a fine-toothed handsaw to carefully cut the panel.

8. Next, use a Stanley blade to trim the narrow side of the first panel to make it fit the wall perfectly.

9. Apply the silica gel on the back of the panel from one side to the other in an “s” manner. Or, if you find that the wall is uneven, apply the adhesive with small spots on both sides of the length of the panel.

10. Stick the panel on the wall and make sure to push it into the interior or entrance decoration

11. Now, use your drill bit to fix the countersunk head screw into the tongue of the panel.

Run along the wall to perform this process on the remaining panels. But do not cut the tongue/groove portion of any remaining panels until you reach the end.

Install inner corners or end caps to complete the wall.

12. When your panel is in place, measure the length of the 5 mm area you left for decoration at the end of the wall.

13. Transfer this measurement to your interior or finish trimming.

14. Above all, cut the interior trim or end caps to the measured size. And fix them with screws as in the process in step 3.


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