A better choice for car washes:PVC wall panels

When it comes to the requirements for walls panel and ceilings in car washes, there is no doubt that high waterproof performance is a very important aspect. Many people are often confused when comparing FRP panels and PVC wall panels. Because the air in the car wash always contains moisture, using FRP panels may not be a good choice.

Why not choose the FRP panel?

This is because FRP panels are not completely moisture-proof. Therefore, these panels allow moisture to stay between the panels, which can cause a whole new set of problems, such as mold growth and corrosion in the wall panels. With PVC panels, the walls of the car wash will not be threatened by mold.

You will find that PVC wall panels meet all FDA requirements and have a longer service life than FRP wall panels.

Why choose PVC panel?

In addition, PVC panels have a very smooth surface, and there are no special gaps in these panels. This means that these panels do not allow water or bacteria to form inside them.

Not only that, the PVC panel does not require maintenance after installation, which saves the cost and time of maintenance, which also brings people a lot of conveniences.


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