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9 popular wall panels trim styles to liven up any space

As a house where people rest and live on a daily basis. If they could, I’m sure most people would choose to decorate it for more comfort and enjoyment. So, which wall panels trim should we choose to decorate? Arched or crowned? Wood slats or baseboards? Distinguish between the most common types of molding used in homes today and discover which style might be right for your home.

Decorative Wood Mouldings

Moldings come in a myriad of forms. Each is designed for a specific purpose, for example, to provide a visual transition at the junction of wall and floor. With so many types of molding adorning our homes today. In addition, it’s often difficult to distinguish between them and to understand. Which types you should purchase for your home remodeling project. Here we have some help for you. In other words, ou no longer have to be confused between wood paneling and baseboards. Browse through and find the styling style you like!


Wall paneling is designed to cover unfinished gaps between walls and window and door frames. Although different variations of baseboards and baseboard styles are easy to find. The width of the baseboard usually spans two or three inches.

For finishing wall panels trim attached to floors, baseboards usually measure three to five inches. The style of the baseboard is usually simple and accented with a small piece of half-circle trim.


This molding is the “crown” architectural feature of a room as it adorns the transition between the walls and the ceiling. Crown molding, also known as cornice molding, often has a complex profile – although many types of crown molding exist.

Chair Rail

Chair rail is a functional molding designed to protect walls from furniture damage. Of course, it can also serve a purely decorative purpose. For example, by delineating two different types of wall coverings: paint and wallpaper.

These are picture rails that allow the frame of the artwork to be hung without having to be nailed directly to the wall. This type of molding is often combined with crown molding that is one or two inches in height and appears to be seven to nine feet off the ground.


Coved molding, also known as coving, is a common coved trim used where walls and ceilings meet. It can also be used on stairs, at the junction of risers and treads. In essence, the cove can be considered a less ornate version of the crown.


A decorative detail with a classical pedigree. The dome molding consists of small, evenly distributed blocks in a repeating pattern. Combined with crown molding, dentils are often found in historic homes.

Egg and Dart

In most cases, egg and dart molding appears with a crown or chair railings. Including oval egg shapes (modeled after ancient Greek stenciled decoration) alternating with V-shaped darts. Available at Home Depot; $18.72.


A press strip, also called a slat, is a decorative wall panels piece used to conceal the joint between two paneling pieces.

Beads, pearls

Beads and pearl moldings are two different, albeit very similar, types of trim. Both have rows of small, symmetrical spheres. They are usually paired with other designs, leaves, darts, or shafts. This type of dying is usually accompanied by a crown or chair rail.


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