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7 Modern art style bedroom design ideas

If you want to have a stylish and luxurious bedroom, then a modern art-style bedroom design is perfect for you. Bold color compositions, design-inspired geometric patterns, and luxurious decorations create a modern art-inspired bedroom for you. Modern art-style bedroom have a clean, elegant look that complements most design aesthetics.

Brightly colored geometric pattern design style

For a bedroom design full of modern art style, we can use geometric shapes with bright colors. Also using color-matched furniture can create a beautiful combination of colors for the bedroom. Modular closets with sliding doors and multiple storage units help keep the room tidy. You can also add some lace hangers and hanging planters to accentuate the eclectic look of a modern art bedroom. Choose simple composite decking for a more coordinated overall bedroom ambiance.

Glamorous gray decorative style

Distinguished from brightly colored designs, gray decorative styles can be equally glamorous. Install gray composite wall panels in the bedroom to add color to the interior space. Use light-colored printed composite wall panels for the rest of the room. to focus attention on the accent wall. Add a modular closet and walk-in closet to help improve the utilization of space. The use of a light gray upholstered headboard can be contrasted with the gray WPC wall paneling. Warm chandeliers create a comfortable sleeping space. Decorate the windows with some green potted plants, thus creating a luxurious atmosphere.

Luxurious gold decorative design style

Durable and long-lasting, maintenance-free composite material brings more convenience to your home interior. It’s also a smart way to bring vintage decorative art to modern interiors. A sandpaper wall with LED light panels gives a minimalist feel that complements the brown composite wall panels. A gold-framed mirror is installed on the sandpaper wall. Beautifully accentuates the wall and adds a touch of glamour to the interior bedroom.

Artistic geometric wallpaper

Bold geometric patterns are the signature style of Art Deco interiors. Raised hexagonal wallpaper gives a clean and bold look. The multi-colored walls add a sense of energy to the space while looking elegant and soothing. Modular closets provide ample storage space. Bay lights and spotlights illuminate the space and help illuminate blind spots. Choose a dark upholstered headboard for a comfortable and luxurious experience.

Decorate the bedroom with cool tones

Blue can bring a cheerful atmosphere to the bedroom and give you a good mood. Blue laminate wall panels are perfect for master bedrooms and children’s rooms. A blue accent wall is perfect for incorporating pastel tones. Pastels complement the vibrant blue for a charming vibe. A king-size bed with an extended headboard creates a comfortable atmosphere. And the ergonomic study setup makes it your multipurpose room.

Art deco bedroom design with statement lights

The importance of lighting in showcasing the beauty of any house interior cannot be overstated. Statement lighting is a must in most Art Deco bedroom designs. For an ultra-cool aesthetic, choose spherical geometric chandeliers in gold or brass. For a sumptuous feel, we also included a dresser with a circular mirror with gold paneling. The original wood laminate on the dresser and side tables adds a rustic touch while maintaining an eclectic style balance. The backlight on the wall panel can be used to add life to your gorgeous bedroom furnishings by acting as a night light for the walls. A potted houseplant adds a splash of green and freshness to this exquisite bedroom décor.

Geometric wall panels add definition to an art deco bedroom

This concept is perfect if you’re seeking some simple methods to include art deco-style bedroom decor. Walls with patterned wood paneling offer a sense of symmetry that is highly pleasing to the eye. To make your space look well-lit, add some spotlights to the ceiling to emphasize the walls. To create a clean area, keep furniture to a bare minimum and focus on the walls. The aesthetic is completed by a low bed, a trendy side table, and a space-saving modular closet. This form is also ideal for small spaces.


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