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7 Dining Room Wall Panel Decorative Ideas Design

People usually think of dining room wall panel art as an extension of the house’s monochromatic theme, or in some cases, the living room. However, today’s homeowners are taking the old adage of “families who eat together stay together” to a whole new level. As a result, they want to make sure that the dining room everyone uses has the same charm as a private room. You’ll be happy to develop a short list of decorative design ideas for your dining room walls. These beautiful choices will give you great ideas! In this blog, we show you some of the most popular ways to decorate your dining room walls or wall panels.

Dining room wall panel paintings with a vintage vibe

Do you remember visiting a well-preserved historic building? If so, you probably remember how the walls that have fallen into disrepair have added to their charm over time. Hanging a vintage-inspired painting on the wall of your dining room can help you recall some of the good times you spent at the table. Painting techniques such as color washing, canvas rolling, and even sponging make it easy to get that old-fashioned texture and depth. Nonetheless, if you want to make this look complete, choose a rustic dining table set, elegant chandeliers with an old-world feel, and beautiful wall art like the one you see here. As a result, your modern home can always feel like the good old days with the best layout that saves space. If you want to add more to this theme, you can study the traditional dining table design.

English Tea House Theme Dining Room Wall Art

Charming wall panel paintings hanging on the walls of the dining room make the room feel like a cozy English teahouse. It is perfect for people who love to host tea parties. With a paintable wallpaper like the one shown here, you can change the color to suit your taste. With a rustic dining table set, a floor lamp, a beautiful chandelier, and a wall clock, the room feels like a great place to talk and share news about your life. The cabinet that can be used as a side table is also a cool addition to the room. It shows how the right decor can make a space more interesting.

Beautiful dark green accent wall in the dining room

When choosing a paint color for a dining room, a bold accent wall can make the room feel more vibrant. See how the dark olive green wall in this dining room makes the white walls look brighter. The artwork on the wall draws more attention to the room. We love the simplicity and charm of the tall floor lamp, wooden cabinets, elegant dining table, velvet chairs, rug, and Sputnik chandelier. While every part of the room is interesting, the accent wall helps set the tone for everything else. Did you know that your choice of dining room chairs can also change the mood of a room?

Brushstroke Textured Dining Room Wall Paintings

The best part about trying different wall paints is that you can also change the texture of the walls. So, the overall look of the dining room is great and becomes the talk of the town. We love the simple brush strokes on the blue walls in this dining room, turning it into a work of art. This effect is simple and beautiful. To give the rest of the room an artistic feel, you can add things like chandeliers, slatted chairs, rustic tables, etc. Look at these wall textures used in the living room. They will also work well in the dining room.

Dining room with playful colors

Pink, blue, and orange are all great color choices for the dining room. Colors like pink can also make you feel calm and at ease. This is a great place for a family brunch or date night. The pink background with a little bit of white in the theme goes well with the table and chairs. The double drop leaf collapsible dining table is a statement piece of furniture that can easily be used depending on the number of guests you expect. Everything about this design works, from the color of the walls to the hues in the room to the way things are stored and the well-designed furniture.

Wall painting design for luxury dining room

The design of a palatial dining room is all about elegance and luxury. Designs like this one have color schemes that are sometimes bright and sometimes subtle. The soft colors of the paintable wallpaper here give us a sense of royalty. The soft backdrop is complemented by grand furnishings, such as a rustic royal dining table and chairs with traditional shapes, as well as freestanding bookshelves, cabinets, and side tables. Gorgeous chandeliers and gold-finished mirrors add to the beauty of this space.

Great looking stripes on the dining room walls

Dining room walls don’t have to be a single color. A feature wall is a great option. Turning the wall into a canvas with different colors and textures is another way to add color. However, the easiest way is to choose a simple pattern, like the stripes in this design. This works well in homes where the living room and dining room are open to each other. It allows the pattern to repeat over a larger area, which makes more of a sound.


Even if it’s just one meal a day, the dining room is an important place for family gatherings in an era of nuclear families and lots of personal gadgets. In addition to eating with your family, the dining room is important because it is a place to receive guests. Simply put, this room makes you feel happy, cared for, and nostalgic.

In addition, when you decorate your dining room walls, try not to use paint. This is because most paints contain substances such as formaldehyde that are harmful to humans. As a substitute, we recommend you to use the WPC wall panel. it not only contains a wide range of colors and surface issues, but also makes it easier to use wallpaper, allowing you to better decorate your interior space.


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