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6 Top Home Decor Trends for 2022

A beautiful and comfortable interior can bring us more enjoyment. Year after year, home decor trends are constantly changing. Every few years a new trendy style emerges, and these home decor styles and colors vary. Let’s take a look at the home decor trends for 2022 next.

Home decor trends are not only related to current aesthetics and design but are also influenced by building materials. As society continues to evolve, new materials are emerging. 2022 home decor trends are functional, natural, and sustainable in terms of materials. In terms of design, the trend is minimalism or minimalism. Therefore, the wood-plastic composites with natural wood grain, strong and durable, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free are sought after by many people.

Trends of home decoration in 2022

  • Vibrant color combinations can bring a unique experience to interior decoration
  • Textured wall panels provide better visual enjoyment than dry and plain walls
  • Natural wood grain surfaces are still preferred by many
  • Wall panels with beautiful prints will give you a unique sense of design
  • Minimalism is still one of the popular design styles today
  • Greenery will become a trend

In this article, we’ll detail six of the most compelling home decor trends for 2022. Let you better understand this year’s interior decorating style, so you can better decorate your interior living space.

Vibrant color palette

There’s no denying the power of color. Warm or cool, bright or soft, incorporating a hue or two can build a space you don’t want to leave. And a boring, unattractive space often contains monotonous colors. That said, a vibrant color palette is now a staple of interior design.

Whether you are emphasizing design or an overall color palette, you will see many bright and vibrant colors. There are many types of colors, so how should we match these colors? We can briefly share tips on color matching. When matching colors, we can follow the 6-3-1 color matching rule.

60% Primary color. The main color used in the design of the room is 60%. This usually includes wall siding colors, flooring colors, and one or two pieces of furniture. It may even include curtains or drapery.

30% Secondary colors. Secondary colors will represent 30% of your decorating color scheme. The secondary colors serve as a contrast to the primary colors, giving your interior a better visual appeal.

10% Accent Color. The last color is the accent color. Its purpose is to provide greater interest and contrast to your color scheme. It should be used throughout the décor to draw the eye deeper into the room design.

Use textured interior wall paneling

In the past, many homeowners used plain walls that may have been white or gray. The home décor trends of 2022 will be about interesting walls. Use textured WPC wall panels instead of boring plain walls. Decorate your house with gorgeous wpc interior wall panels and add dimension to your interior space. Thus enhancing the beauty and resale value of your home.

The natural wood grain finish

Traditional wood wall panels have always been very widely used interior wall panels. natural wood grain also gives us a natural look. As many of you have seen, we have witnessed many natural elements in past home decor trends. So natural elements are still one of the trends for 2022.

But instead of using pressure-treated wood wall panels, more and more people are choosing WPC interior wall panels because they do not need to be painted and therefore do not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which is not harmful to people. The advantage of almost no maintenance brings more convenience to people. The natural wood grain surface and the variety of colors available naturally attract people’s attention. Most importantly, WPC wall panel manufacturers often offer specialized customization services, which makes it possible to meet different interior designs.

In addition to decorating a house with WPC interior decorative wall panels. We can also use rough pottery and terra cotta elements and use these natural surfaces to decorate elements such as handicrafts and furniture. These natural elements in home decoration will inspire a connection between people and nature. So, choose natural elements for your interior wall paneling, stairs, and flooring to absorb the love of nature.

Wall panels with beautiful prints

A variety of colors can be effective in enhancing the attention of the room. Interior wood wall panels with prints can also enhance the appeal of your interiors. 2O22 is the year of conscious design, so you will see a lot of rustic prints becoming a trend in home décor. Choose nature-inspired patterns and prints to bring the outdoors into your home. In addition to this, you can also choose botanical prints or animal prints, or you can even go for classical period prints.

Perhaps you might be asking where to go to buy wall panels with prints. You can ask at your nearest building store or contact interior WPC wood wall paneling suppliers. you are right, composite wall panels are also available with prints. If you don’t have the print you want, you can also ask the WPC wall panel manufacturer to make a special interior wall panel for you.

Minimalist design

Minimalist interiors give a clean and tidy look. And this interiors bring a sense of relaxation. Therefore, avoid adding heavy decorations to the room as much as possible. Use a minimalist headboard with a curved headboard with upholstery, which will be your prominent decorative element. Ditch bland, straight sofas, and couches in favor of gorgeous curved designs. Curves can interior design style add character and add dimension to ordinary rooms.

Green decorations will become the trend

Placing a few green potted plants indoors can better accent a house. Creating beautiful green spaces in your home can bring you closer to nature. an interesting home décor trend for 2022 is the construction of dedicated green spaces. You can also decorate your balcony with green elements to create a fresh corner in your home.

Summing up

The year 2022 is full of warm and happy interior decorating trends. Decorate your house according to your actual needs and preferences for better living enjoyment. If you want to have a further understanding of the WPC interior wall panels, please contact us!

As a WPC wall panel manufacturer with over 20 years of manufacturing experience. We have a professional service team to answer any questions you may have. In addition to WPC interior wall panels, we can also provide WPC false ceilings and WPC timber tubes. And to let you have a better understanding of our products, we can provide you with free samples. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!


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