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6 Eclectic Bedroom Design Ideas

Eclectic bedroom design is great for those who like to think outside the box. It’s not just one design style, it’s a mix of different styles that work well together. With an eclectic design style, you can add different layers to your bedroom over time to showcase your personality without having to put in a lot of work. It’s a fun and easygoing style with a common thread that ties all the different pieces together. In other words, this style doesn’t limit you to doing what you like, but it’s also carefully put together to fit the needs of your bedroom.

Available design elements and accessories

Patterned wallpaper. A great way to change up your interior wall panels. You can make your bedroom feel eclectic and vibrant by choosing asymmetrical shapes, botanical prints, or geometric patterns. If your linens and furniture are the same color or neutral, choose a dark, bold wallpaper. If the rest of the room is too busy, choose wallpaper with a simple pattern.

WPC wall panel. As a man-made interior wall panel, the WPC wall panel is available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose one or two walls as accent walls and then install WPC wall panels in colors such as amber, blue or yellow on the accent walls. these colors are different and unique, and then you can install WPC wall panels in neutral colors on the other walls. For example, interior WPC wall panels in cream, beige, white, or gray.

Cushions. You can put as many throw pillows as you want on the bed or on the recliner in the room to make the room warmer and more comfortable. To add a splash of color, use colors like mint, orange, yellow, and lilac. You can also choose throw pillows that have different textures or patterns.

Modern nightstands. A modern nightstand, whether it’s made of wood or metal, is an important bedroom accessory. It’s a great place to keep your essentials, such as a water bottle, cell phone, charger, and favorite book. Add a mood to the room by placing a stylish night light on the side table.

Area rugs. If your bedroom flooring is tile, composite decking, or hardwood, place an appropriately sized area rug on top. They make the room feel warm and cozy and add some visual interest. They also come in different designs and materials, so you can pick one that matches the rest of your bedroom.

Designer lighting and artwork mix and match for the master bedroom

With some interesting overhead lighting and a few pieces of abstract artwork, you can turn your boring bedroom into an eclectic delight. Use light paint or pink wallpaper on the walls so that the room’s decorations stand out. This eclectic bedroom design also has a small study table with a corner for makeup. This saves space on the floor.

Colorful bedroom style with a clever color palette

The eclectic style of this bedroom makes it look very rich and stylish. Lighter colors such as white and beige temper the power of darker colors such as black and brown. Add some brightly colored, soft throw pillows, a fur rug, a light blue armchair, and some lively houseplants to give your room a lot of personality.

Mix-and-match bedroom with an urban theme

With this small, eclectic bedroom design, you can feel like you’re living in the city. One accent wall has an uneven wood paneling pattern, and the other white wall has a large canvas of a cityscape. Track lighting draws attention to the main features of the room, while two industrial chandeliers are perfect for workmanship.

50s mix and match bedroom with ornate details

The texture is an important part of working with the eclectic bedroom design concept. In this spacious and luxurious bedroom, the classic black and white bed frame and bedding stand out against the cream-colored walls. Gold accents in the form of textures here and there, both on the ceiling and on the mirror, add visual interest.

A stylish, eclectic bedroom with a beautiful accent wall

This bold and beautiful bedroom design is a mix of styles. Behind the bed, a three-dimensional geometric pattern on the wallpaper brings some shape and character to the room. The white and beige in this bedroom perfectly and creatively balance the black and gray accents. This small bedroom appears larger and brighter thanks to the large windows.

A master bedroom with an impressive variety of pieces

The easiest way to make a bedroom look eclectic is to layer it with different textures, as in this bedroom. The brick textured accent wall and panel lights on the ceiling are the most interesting and appealing parts of this bedroom. The texture of the curtains and the soft upholstered bed, along with the other textures in the room, make it feel warm and unique.

Overall, there are no hard and fast rules on how to choose the best eclectic bedroom design ideas. So go ahead and experiment with different furniture, overall color schemes, WPC wall panels, decorations, etc. in your bedroom. But make sure that everything works well together and nothing looks too much.


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