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5 Wall colors go with composite wall panels

Composite wall panels are often found on living room and bedroom walls. Due to the diversity of colors and appearance of composite wall panels, it can better match with interior design. It makes your home feel more welcoming and makes your daily life more comfortable.

But do you understand the different types of wall panels? Are the different wall panels just right for your house decor? Even for modern homes, there are wood wall panels made of laminate or oak. But it is common to paint over the wood to match the interior design style.

But painting not only destroys the natural look of the wall paneling but also brings about irritating odors. Therefore, we recommend using composite wood paneling. Composite wall panels are available in many colors, saving you from the inconvenience of painting the wall panels.

To better enjoy your daily life and prevent your interior from looking too dark. It is important to choose the right color of the wall panel to decorate your house. Even the color of the accessories in the room is important, such as furniture and wall decorations. The following can help you pick the most suitable wall panel shades.

How to choose the best color to go with composite wood paneling

Consider the color and pattern of the composite

1. There are many types of composite wall panels, and different types have different texture patterns and colors. Composite wall panels do not need to be dyed to change their appearance, so just choose a composite wall panel that suits your interior design.

2. Light-colored wall panels are making a comeback in modern interior design and are often installed on light-colored walls.


3. Medium-colored wall panels can be matched with light or neutral wall colors and furniture.

4. The most common shade of wall paneling is dark brown, which exudes a rich feel in a room. Dark wood panels can be installed on walls of any color.

5. When deciding on the best wall color, don’t forget the trim and furniture that can enhance the wall paneling. Consider a highly dramatic primary color palette for your color scheme.

For example, warm neutrals such as green or dark gray create a cozy atmosphere when paired with brown furniture. And you don’t need to use too much dark furniture to keep the colors understated.

Use contrast to enhance the appeal

Wall colors can be made more unique in a room if they contrast with your interior wall panels. Dark wood tones contrast with neutral or light wall colors such as white or light blue. Likewise, lighter wood tones tend to pop boldly against strong wall colors.

Colors to use with composite wall panels


White is undoubtedly one of the most popular wall colors. Whitewall paneling can be paired with any color of interior wall paneling, and it helps to brighten up your living space. By pairing wood paneling with warm white undertones, you will get a modern interior design.


If you think white walls are too monotonous, how about beige or cream? With beige or cream, the laminate wall paneling will not look too obvious. Off-white has a gray base, while cream has a white base with yellow or brown undertones. These colors work well with many wallboard color variations, such as medium brown, gold to dark brown.

As a warmer option, you can choose a light brown to paint your walls. Beige has brown undertones, making it a perfect choice to go with all wall panel colors. Beige with some gray is also a popular choice for walls, so whether you want to go with beige or cream, these are the most stylish color combinations.


Yellow paint complements light and dark wood paneling because it matches the warm base color of the wall paneling. Warm yellow is a popular color to install next to an interesting wall paneling pattern. It makes a great visual impact in both modern kitchens and bedrooms.


Gray wall color is also one of the color categories that are used a lot. However, instead of using a cool gray wall, consider an off-white wall. Off-white is a combination of warm beige and gray. This wall paint color will help to tone down the dark wood paneling trim. It can turn your living room or bedroom into an updated space for a warm and cozy feeling.


Blue is a great wall paint option for homes that are looking for a unique style. There are many great shades to choose from, from sky blue to blue-green. In modern interior design ideas, blue walls are matched with medium brown or dark wall panels. Whether you want to decorate your bedroom or living room, this color combination can bring out the beauty of your modern space.

For kids’ bedrooms, a bright blue next to laminate wall panels will bring a pop of color. Other than that, you can choose a blue base with a slight purple tint to create a sense of warmth in the kids’ room.

As an interior space for daily life, you can design different interior styles according to your preference. The best thing about laminate wall panels is that you can use your creativity and choose the right color to match your walls. Whether it’s narrow strips, geometric patterns or cut into wider planks, laminate wall panels are very adaptable.


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