5 professional tips for installation PVC wall paneling

Before proceeding with the installation of PVC wall panels, understand some relevant tips to help the installation of wall panels.

1. Allow the product to adapt for 24 hours before use

The 24-hour waiting period allows the PVC panels to adapt to the humidity and temperature of the installation environment. According to the current conditions of your environment, swelling and contraction are normal.

2. Install the ceiling perpendicular to the ceiling joists

This ensures that the PVC panels are properly supported. We also recommend installing the ceiling trim and panels before installing the walls-this will ensure that all components are installed correctly and look smart.

3. Use a miter saw or circular saw, and use a fine-toothed blade in the opposite direction

The use of reverse-mounted blades can achieve the cleanest cuts for the best fit and appearance. Remember to remove the blade after installation and make sure it turns in a direction suitable for your next job.

4. Do not overtighten the screws when installing the panel

When the temperature changes and the product expands and contracts, let the screws loose to allow the panel to move. This is normal and ensures that the panel always looks smart and fits in any environment.

5. Leave an interval of 8mm between each panel to form a gap that allows expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.


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