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12 soft bedroom creative design

As a private space for daily rest, it is important to have a bedroom that fits your heart. Different people have different personalities and preferences, so today, let’s introduce a calm and soothing bedroom design style. Soft tones can bring a peaceful atmosphere while maintaining a colorful personality and a lively feel. Such color combinations make your bedroom look bigger, so they are perfect for bedroom decor. So, get ready for these stylish pastel color bedroom ideas to help you reset your sleep cycle and enjoy a relaxing bedtime.

Soft Blue Bedroom

Blue is a soothing color that adds fun to your child’s room. The bedroom backsplash is all in blue WPC wall paneling to give it a lively look. the texture of the WPC interior wall paneling matches well with the laminate of the closet. On the other hand, the white headboard and side table break up the monotony and make the room look more balanced. To keep things looking nice, we also added a study unit with a chest of drawers that matches the closet. This pale blue bedroom has everything your child needs to be happy.

Pale Yellow Guest Bedroom Ideas

Add a touch of spring to your guest bedroom by choosing one wall to install pale yellow WPC wall panels. You can make the room look better by hanging a long headboard in fruity green and white. Laminate closets that look like wood have lots of storage space. The small study setup makes the room more useful and it can be a cozy home office or a child’s study when there are no guests.

Two different shades of children’s bedrooms

If you have two children, then you can craft a children’s bedroom for them. Place two single children’s beds with blue and pink headboards, which will separate them nicely. A study table with a storage unit on the wall helps them focus on their work. Use white WPC fluted wall panels behind the two headboards to decorate the walls. A non-slip rug can be placed on the floor so that no one will fall down and it makes it more comfortable. This idea of a bedroom with two different pastel colors is helpful for a family with two children.

Vibrant pink and blue bedrooms

When you think of pretty pastels, you can’t help but think of pink and blue. These two colors go well together and can bring out the best in the decor of your bedroom. Wallpaper one-half of the bedroom walls in light pink with a floral pattern while the other half is fitted with bright blue WPC wall panels. Add a box shelf in the middle above the WPC wall panel to give you more space to store things. The gray bed and white side table are paired with a combination closet to make the room feel more comfortable. Side lamps made of metal and indoor plants give an elegant touch to this beautiful pink bedroom.

Elegant and soft bedroom color scheme

If you want an elegant and soft bedroom, but don’t want the typical pastel shades like pink, purple, or mint green. Then you can choose neutral pastel bedroom colors such as beige or ivory. They have an elegant look and make your room feel like a palace. The look you need to complete is a horizontally extending headboard made of laminate with an ebony finish, a bookcase, and a closet with a mirror and laminate front. Ivory or beige looks great with brown and gives an old-fashioned feel.

Artistic wallpaper for the bedroom

If a classic pastel color like baby pink, mauve, or sky blue is too plain for you, choose a pistachio green accent wall with a gorgeous printed wallpaper. A closet with tinted glass is placed right next to the window so that natural light can shine through it. To complete the look, you can also hang decorative mirrors and chandeliers. The beige headboard contrasts nicely with the pink wallpaper, while the black bedspread and lampshade make a strong statement.

Soft colors for a holiday-like bedroom

Do you really want to go to the beach? Well, the pastel shades of sea green on the walls can satisfy your travel addiction. The walls of the bedroom are a soft shade of green with a painting of ocean waves on one of the walls. The bed is made of a light-colored wood laminate that matches the corner of the closet and study. This makes the room feel calmer and more useful. You can add bright colors and more storage space by putting a yellow bookcase with open shelves next to the corner of the study.

Bedroom with soft peach walls and metallic accents

Some of the most popular pastel color combinations are peach and turquoise blue. Peach wallpaper, pillowcases, and throws give the room a light, airy feel. The turquoise headboard and ottoman add a splash of color to this serene room. To get a touch of elegance, we added a modular closet with tinted glass in front. Choose a light lavender rug to add depth to the bedroom’s decor. Use artifacts, lamps, and wall decorations to make the pink walls more ornate and expensive looking.

A lavender children’s room with a chalkboard wall

Perhaps you can create a lavender children’s room. This purple color is unique because it has just the right amount of blue and red in it. One side of the accent wall is made of mauve WPC wallboard. On the other half, we put up a chalkboard wall so your child can be creative. The white bunk bed and study table with lavender drawers make good use of the space and complement the pink color palette. This bedroom for your child has been thoughtfully designed so it meets all their needs and has a calming effect on their mind thanks to its pastel color scheme.

Add a splash of mauve to a light pink bedroom

A plain pink bedroom without any decorations can look boring. So, if you want to add some color to the room, choose some bright accessories. Here, the walls of the bedroom are light pink with a silver pattern. The silver wall mirror and crystal ring chandelier make the room look more stylish. If you want an eye-catching contrast, choose a lavender or mauve comforter, pillowcases, and curtains. This will look great with your pale pink bedroom walls. The closet has modular storage, upper cabinets, and a dresser unit with a pull-out seat attached to it.

Soft rainbow bedroom design

The multiple bright colors of the bedroom give a rainbow feel. The use of pink, yellow and white become the dominant colors in this bedroom, but small accents of green, blue, gray, and orange make the room more interesting. The bedroom is full of clever furniture that saves space and can hold toys and other small things. Don’t miss the under-bed storage, the closet with a pull-out desk, and the side bench with storage bins. These give your kids a lot of space to play on the floor. If you use pastel colors, the room will look bigger, so use these pretty colors to make your child’s room a fun haven.

Accessories in pastel colors for white bedroom walls

You don’t have to paint the walls pink to have a great pink bedroom design. Yes, WPC wall panels in a wide variety of colors are the way to go. You can even use accessories to add pastel colors to your white bedroom. We used pink wall art and matching color finish closets to add a splash of color to this bedroom. The white and turquoise colors give off a playful vibe, while the red blanket makes this cozy bedroom feel even more romantic.

Do’s and don’ts for decorating a pastel-colored bedroom

  • Don’t let everything in your home look too much alike. This will give the room a dull feel.
  • Add some metallic accents to your bedroom walls to make them look more exciting.
  • Put dark curtains on the windows. This will make up for the dullness of the walls.
  • If you like dark colors, you can choose a dark accent wall and make the other walls a lighter pastel shade to balance it out.
  • For a subtle change, try adding a pastel color to your bedroom, such as a pillow, tier, or bedspread.
  • You can also use pastel shades of houseplants and seasonal flowers to add a soft touch to your bedroom.
  • To give your bedroom a nice pop of color, choose chandeliers with pastel shades.


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