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10 On-Trend Ideas for Textured Wall Panels

Designers like to use paint or wallpaper to quickly and affordably change the look and feel of a room. Textured wall panels are an interesting new trend that can really make a room stand out. With a little work, you can add visual interest and depth to almost any room. And make it work for almost any style of decorating, from traditional to modern.

Put a Bead On It

Most people’s first experience with textured wall paneling is with beadboard, which is a traditional interior wall panel. The vertical lines draw the eye up, and the horizontal chair rail protects your walls. The wall space above is yours to paint, hang art, or decorate in any other way you like. It’s also a great way to cover up a variety of wall texture flaws or give a plain room some traditional structure.

Batten Down

Board and batten are like the little black dress of wall coverings. It never goes out of style and looks good with almost anything, from a leather Chesterfield sofa and club chairs to an angular Danish mid-century set.

Marvelous Molding

This molding looks like a modern take on traditional Parisian style. The traditional Parisian style would be even more complicated, with curlicues and many beveled edges. This refined take is more of a style chameleon. It goes well with both soft-lined bedroom furniture and a commanding home office. COOWIN also has panels that can be used to improve your doors. They have both kits that are ready to install and kits that you have to put together yourself.

A New Angle

Here is how one statement wall works. The texture wall panels alone do most of the work, bringing a room up even if it only has a few colors. Many, but not all, wall panels are made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and come primed and ready to be painted. WPC wall panels, on the other hand, are made of wood and plastic with a PVC coating.

Accent Piece

Also, wall panels don’t have to go from floor to ceiling and corner to corner. Cut one to fit as a wall decoration. This set of COOWIN CWB panels is a beautiful alternative to a typical headboard. Each brand of 3D wall panel has its own installation requirements and instructions. So make sure your wall can support the panel before you buy it.

Feel-Good Felt

Want a touch of wood from nature? Because of how far ahead of the curve their designs are, COOWIN has really cornered the market on 3D wall panels. What’s new? These warm and natural felt wall panels come in bright colors with a wood grain. Plus, they have sound properties as well.

Warm It Up with Walnut

This isn’t the horrible 1970s paneling you ripped out years ago when you remodeled. Wood veneer planks have been rethought, and the walnut feels especially warm, bright, and inviting. Some are as easy to put together as “peel and stick.” Yes. Peel. Stick. And. New walls in one weekend! Don’t forget the roof! A room can really be finished off with a tongue-and-groove WPC wood ceiling.

Light a Fire

If a room already has a star feature, you might want to add to it to make it shine even brighter. For example, this subtle wave pattern around the fireplace draws attention while adding a soft organic touch to soften the lines inside and connect the inside to the outside.

Level Up

You might not think of adding a textured wall panels to your stairwell as the first place to do so, but why not? Jump in with a bold pattern, like this PVC tile, which can be painted, is resistant to water and dents, is easy to install (some just need glue), and is cheap. In more than one way, it makes this space better. You can also paint in creative ways in small spaces.


COOWIN WPC interior wall panel has become very popular in recent years. So it would not be a complete list of textured wall panels without it. This horizontal wood paneling, especially in white, looks like it came right out of a modern farmhouse. It will also look great in a cabin, a home by the lake, or even a mid-century ranch house.


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