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10 Accent Wall Design Ideas for Living Room

As the space where we spend our daily lives entertaining with our family, the living room is very important to us. Your living room will most likely look fine until you have an accent wall. But if you design a proper accent wall, it will help you make the room look beautiful.

First, let’s talk about what an accent wall is. For the most part, the purpose of an accent wall is to be completely different from the other walls in the room while still fitting in perfectly. Adding an accent wall to your living room is a fun way to make the room more unique.

Just make sure that the accent wall is different from the other walls. There are no other rules that dictate how it should be made. A feature wall in a living room can be dark, light, or the same color scheme as the rest of the room. This is a great way to make your living room stand out. Next, let’s take a look at these 10 feature wall ideas.

3D Art on the Wall

Want a feature wall that’s beautiful with little effort? Hanging 3D wall art will do the trick! You can employ 3D art or 3D wall panels in your living room that look stunning. You can use gold and brown 3D wall panels which will go well with the other furniture in the living room.

Patterned Wallpaper as a Decorative Wall in the Living Room

Beautiful wallpapers can make a room look gorgeous. For a decorative wall in the living room, floral wallpaper is a good choice. In addition to wallpaper, artwork, picture frames and other decorations on the wall can make this wall really stand out.

Paneled Walls that Add Style to the Living Room

If you don’t want to go overboard with the color, try decorating an accent wall with different textured wall panels. The wall that the TV is leaning against can also be used as an accent wall in your living room. The wood paneling gives it great shape and depth. Then place some green potted plants next to the TV stand to better decorate your living room.


Decorative Wall in Soft Tones

You can paint the main wall of the room in different colors to make it stand out. Painting the walls in soft tones in the living room will be a great addition. Light neutrals look great with pastel colors and can make the living room look spacious and bright.

Wooden Accents on Dark Walls

A dark feature wall in the living room adds a lot of character to the room. In this modern apartment, it looks more regal and elegant thanks to the color of the accent wall. Paired with lovely wall decorations, it makes the room look more elegant. The clean and sharp geometric wall art in this living room brings the whole design of the room together.

Another Type of Brick Wall

An uncovered brick wall is another way to create a feature wall using texture. This texture is the perfect combination of modern and rustic styles and works beautifully with TV cabinets and hanging shelves. This wall and other decorations are enough to attract the attention of your guests.


Lattice Wall

Sometimes just one thing is enough to turn a wall into a decorative wall. Plaid textured wall designs have subtle contrasts and they look beautiful. This wall design looks great in a living room with neutral tones and warm lighting.

Nature-inspired Wall Textures

The interesting feature of this living room is the swing chair hanging from the ceiling. The decorative wall subtly draws attention to the uniqueness of the living room design. The lighting and dark background draw attention to the chair area. A brown feature wall with green potted plants brings a nature-like vibe to your living room.

Elegant Living Room Accent Wall

This charming traditional-style living room has a beautiful accent wall. The corner of the room serves as both a living and dining area, and the crushed wallpaper sets it off. The accent wall in the corner is accented by gold curtains and a fancy chandelier.


Modern Wall with Chalkboard Decor

A cool chalkboard feature wall is an interesting design that can make a living room look more modern and full of color. The other walls in the living room are plain, but the dark paint makes them stand out.


We think that accent walls for living rooms are a great way to make your living room your own space. It’s up to you to decide which wall in your living room should be the accent wall. An accent wall can make your decor creative.

In addition to wall panels, the ceiling of your living room can also become a feature wall. Use your imagination and then consult with the professionals involved to create your own featured living room.

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